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13 Jul 4 Silver Salmon Tips | Aniak River Lodge

1. Pink, pink, and more pink! Silver Salmon love pink flies and spinners. Their reputation for reckless abandon aggression is especially evident when you have pink on the end of your line. Bright colors initiate an attack response from the pre-spawn salmon for various reasons. Other colors that work well are...

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20 Oct The Alaska Bead Game

Polishing Up Your Trout Beads A little less than a decade ago, the trout fishing world was taken by storm with a simple spin on a little plastic bead that was more at home in a craft box than in a fly box. Aside from using a real egg, there is...

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02 Oct Off Season Casting Practice

3 Tips for Tuning - Up Your Cast Well, the time has finally come friends. The cold weather has set in and we are closing up shop out here on the Aniak. Sad days indeed, but on a brighter note, it has been quite an amazing year with lots of new...

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