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Base Lodge

When you arrive in Aniak the team will shuttle you to the “lodge in town “ You will enjoy a light lunch and then attend the orientation that will acquaint you with all things Aniak that you need to know for your week ahead. After that you will wader up and fish your way up to the tent lodge. It’s a nice easy way to ease into the river and get to know the system. It’s a few hours of bonus fishing on your turnaround day.

The Aniak River Lodge Camp

The new lodge consists of 8 weather ports and a large dinning hall with a sun porch. Each spacious weather port is equipped with a private bathroom including hot and cold running water, a flushing toilet and propane heat. Each port has a private covered porch for spending some alone time taking in  the sounds and sites of the river right in front of you.

The Old Tent Camp

We still have the old tent camp for our use when required . It is a simple camp with shared facilities and is now only used if the lower river breaches . In this case we move the full operation to this site, We do however still fish this area every day and our guides occasionally pop in to have lunch here


We all know that many people have different tastes, and we try to accommodate our guests with variety and options. The meals at Aniak River Lodge are as hearty as the fish stories. We expect a lot from our Chef and hospitality staff. The breakfasts can include all the classics – bacon, eggs, toast, cereal, hash browns, etc. Lunch during your fishing day will consist of fresh caught fish, hot soup, deluxe sandwiches, or other warm items, prepared by your guide. Shore lunches often include grilled or pan-fried Salmon, potatoes, onions, an additional veggie, soda/water, cookies, or candy snacks. For dinner, our executive Chef will prepare a combination of various meats and seafood. We are happy to accommodate your special meal requests for breakfast, lunch or dinner.