Fishing Reports, Tips, and Updates!

13 Jul 4 Silver Salmon Tips | Aniak River Lodge

1. Pink, pink, and more pink! Silver Salmon love pink flies and spinners. Their reputation for reckless abandon aggression is especially evident when you have pink on the end of your line. Bright colors initiate an attack response from the pre-spawn salmon for various reasons. Other colors that work well are...

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19 May Silver Salmon on Surface Flies

If you think our mouse hungry rainbows are the only fish on the Aniak River aggressive enough to attack flies on the surface you would be wrong. The Aniak boasts a healthy run of hard fighting, eager biting, and acrobatic Silver Salmon. Also known as Coho Salmon, these fish are a favorite among...

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09 May The Double Haul

We've all heard of the double haul. Many associate it with salt water fishing, but it can be a very useful cast to have in your quiver. You will experience fishing success at Aniak with or without it, but you might find it can come in handy. Perhaps you spot a...

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11 Feb Tying the Morrish Mouse

The Mighty Mouse II video (filmed right here on the Aniak) took the internet by storm last week. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and take a look. If you noticed, the secret weapon was the Morrish Mouse. Why do we - and the trout for that matter - like...

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