Alaska’s Mysterious Sheefish – Tarpon of the North

15 Jan Alaska’s Mysterious Sheefish – Tarpon of the North

aniak_sheefish_rangeAniak River Lodge is world-renoun for having some of the best top water fly fishing for rainbow trout in the state of Alaska. These waters are also home to another, more illusive trophy; The Sheefish. Sheefish are not found in the majority of watersheds in Alaska. Often called the “Tarpon of the North,” they are only found in the Arctic and Subarctic parts of North America and Asia.

Averaging 5 to 10 pounds, Sheefish are the largest member of the whitefish family. Unlike their sucker-mouthed cousins, Sheefish are ferocious predators. They love to eat baitfish, so our favorite patterns while targeting them include Clouser Minnows, Deceivers, and Dollie Llamas. Sheefish tend to hold in large, deep water. From Aniak River Lodge we hop in a jet boat and head downstream to the Kuskokwim River. This river is home to one of the most prolific Sheefish populations in the area. Here, we swing or strip our favorite baitfish flies on 8wt-10wt fly rods, hoping to entice one of these monsters. Sheefish are in season all Summer long, so come join us at Aniak and test your luck at this mysterious species!


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