How many species are on YOUR bucket list?

We have 11 different species for you to target!


Come and experience angling as you only dreamed it could be. You are in the middle of nowhere, the Alaskan Bush, and nothing but your adventure to focus on.

As you head out each day to fish our waters, we would like you to be aware of several things:

ONE: You will catch fish.

TWO: You will have an experience of a lifetime.

THREE: We don’t expect you back until evening dinner.

Your day starts when you are ready to get on the water. We access our fishing using jet boats. Fish from the boat, or get out and wade if you like. There are many braids to explore and smaller tributaries to fish. Your day will end with a marvelous dinner prepared by our chef.

We are a strictly single point barbless catch and release fly fishing lodge.


The Kuskokwim River has one of the largest annual returns of King salmon in Alaska, and the majority of these fish head straight for the Aniak River. Kings here average 20 to 30 lbs, with some tipping the scales at better than 50 lbs. The Kuskokwim also boasts the largest run of Silver (Coho) Salmon in the state, and of all of its tributaries, the Aniak is the largest producer of Silvers. There is no better place to boat or beach these hard fighting salmon. In addition to the salmon, angling for Leopard Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Char and Grayling is as good as it gets anywhere, and offers a challenging and entertaining option to chasing salmon. Really want to change it up? Our Northern Pike can be of real trophy size, and the unique and relatively unknown Sheefish can be fun to chase. They are a larger fish belonging to the whitefish family and can only be found in the northern reaches of Alaska and Asia.


The Aniak River System and its tributaries have one of the highest diversity of species in Alaska totaling eleven different species of fish. We have shared this special piece of Alaska to a select small group of fly fishers who travel the world to renowned fly fishing destinations. Once anglers experience the Aniak River, they want to return every summer.


Dolly Varden

Fun and colorful

Northern Pike

Ferocious and exciting takes


Not many places you can catch these

Silver Salmon

Fiesty fish with lots of fight

King Salmon

Nothing needs to be said about these giants

Sockeye Salmon

Fun to catch and great to eat

Rainbow Trout

They eat mice up here

Chum Salmon

We have one of the biggest runs in AK

Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling

Beautiful fish that eats about anything

Arctic Char

Fun and fiesty