The Double Haul

09 May The Double Haul

We’ve all heard of the double haul. Many associate it with salt water fishing, but it can be a very useful cast to have in your quiver. You will experience fishing success at Aniak with or without it, but you might find it can come in handy. Perhaps you spot a sheepish rolling quite some distance from the boat, and you want to get on that action before your guide can move into position – use the double haul. The logjam that you know holds a beautiful Aniak Rainbow Trout, but can’t be fished from the boat thus making a long cast from shore essential- use the double haul. You may wish to make a long cast get to that monster pike before it knows the boat is there – use the double haul. Thanks to the folks at Orvis and their instructional videos, you can understand the double haul and how to do it successfully. Fishing season is right around the corner so get out in the yard and practice!