Fishing Reports, Tips, and Updates!

31 Jul Know Your Knots!

Knot Prepared: While our well-trained, professional guides will almost always be at your side, on occasion you may find yourself in a position on the river wanting to tie your own rig. Perhaps your guide is stoking a fire for a world-class shore lunch, helping your fishing buddy with a rat’s...

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19 Jul How To Tie the Mr. Hankey Mouse Fly

Tying Mr. Hankey The summer season on the Aniak is in full swing, and the mouse fishing has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our guests have been putting large fish to hand daily by twitching various mouse patterns that would seem fit lining the cat toy section at your local PetCo. One...

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19 Jul The Chum

The Chum Salmon - One of Alaska’s most underrated fish Dog, calico, or chum…… call them what you will; we'll call them awesome. Aniak River Chum Salmon, which storm up the Aniak in droves every summer, are some of the most explosive and aggressive gamefish that our guests will tie into. Combine their...

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19 Jun Successfully Mousing

The 4 Keys to Mouse Fishing The Aniak   With the Alaska summer kicking off, it will not be long until our guests and guides are waist deep into some of the best trout fishing in the state. As most of you already know, our favorite way to take on our giant...

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26 May The Aniak’s Monster Pike

We feel so fortunate to have our fishing lodge be positioned perfectly in the state of Alaska. The Aniak River, and its mother, the mighty Kuskokwim, boast some of the largest salmon returns in the world, in turn, providing the support and nutrients for numerous different resident species including, Grayling,...

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16 Mar Aniak River Lodge Featured in Catch Magazine

Simply explaining what mousing the Aniak is like hardly does it justice. Even photos, at times, don't fully portray the elation and excitement of catching an immaculate rainbow on a mouse pattern. But we think Brian O'Keefe, of Catch Magazine, did a spectacular job documenting a week here during his...

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