Why the Aniak?

02 Nov Why the Aniak?

It is second to none . . .

It is sometimes hard to describe the trout fishing that can be found on the Aniak River. Not because the fishing is lacking, or that words cannot be found, but simply because it is difficult to hold back the excitement and breath enough to speak clearly. The uniqueness of our special fishery is what brings anglers from around the world to try their hand at taming the trout lurking in our waters. Why is it so special you ask?

Our trout love the mouse.

Thousands of anglers dream each year about traveling halfway around the world to Russia in pursuit of catching rainbow trout on a mouse pattern. We are perplexed by this because some of the best mousing in the world can be found much closer to home right here on the Aniak. Our fish feed with reckless abandon, completely crushing anything small and furry that is unfortunate enough to swim carelessly above. Guests with small dogs be warned – these trout are typically overzealous.




Leopards hunt these waters – lots of them.

An angler would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful rainbow than the ones we have in the Aniak watershed. Leopard trout are cherished around the world for their beauty, and we just happen to have the blue ribbon winners and a lot of them. More often than not, the bend in your rod is being caused by one of these cryptically colored, one of a kind trout. With their spots being as unique to each trout as our own fingerprints are to us, you can be assured each is its own work of art. We don’t know why the Aniak produces so many of these amazing leopard rainbow specimens, but we know that we are pretty darn excited about having the opportunity to catch and enjoy Mother Natures Mono Lisa.




Small streams, explosive takes.

The river structure of the Aniak and its tributaries come straight out of a fly anglers dream. These clean, clear waters are littered with log jams, grassy banks, and deep shelves, providing the prefect ambush habitat for our red sided predators. Not only are these habitats perfect for the fish, but they also create prime fishing conditions for the anger loving a challenge. Hammering trout by twiching a 2-3 inch fly pattern on the surface? Yes, please.